Notice: Toril Moi Lecture

If you’ll happen to be in New York City this Monday evening, this will be going down. Duke English Professor Toril Moi will be giving a lecture on the contribution Ordinary Language Philosophy since Cavell stands to make to literary criticism. Here’s a longer synopsis:

“Understanding from Inside,” or Critique and Admiration: Reading after Wittgenstein and Cavell

Ordinary language philosophy, which I define as the philosophical tradition after Ludwig Wittgenstein and J. L. Austin as established and extended by Stanley Cavell, proposes a powerful method for undoing illusions and exposing incoherent thinking. Yet this is not ‘critique’ in the usual sense of the term in literary studies, for the same method also allows us to develop intellectually powerful accounts of our admiration for a text, a film, or a work of art.

I shall show that ordinary language philosophy develops a method of reading which undoes the traditional opposition between ‘suspicious’ (or ‘symptomatic’) and ‘sympathetic’ reading. For this method does not begin in suspicion, but in an attempt to see the question from the other person’s point of view, in an effort to grasp as accurately as possible precisely why the other critic, or the writer, says what she says. The most telling critique will always emerge from the best understanding of how it is that the other can say what she says.

At the same time, this method of reading also puts us in a position to explain, powerfully and with intellectual rigor, why a literary text, a film, or a work of art does what it does, and why a work deserves our admiration. In this way, ordinary language philosophy puts us in a position to explain why we care about literature and other arts, and why their insights matter.

You can find more info here.


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