II. Secondary Resources

A. Select Books and Articles about Lash

  • Barton, Stephen C. “New Testament Interpretation as Performance.” Scottish Journal of Theology 52/2 (1999): 179-208.
  • Bevere, Allan R. “Doctrine as Grammatical Constraint: Nicholas Lash on the Trinity.” Ashland Theological Journal 23/1 (1991): 27-36.
  • Brown, David. “Wittgenstein Against the ‘Wittgensteinians’: A Reply to Kenneth Surin on The Divine Trinity.” Modern Theology 2/3 (1986): 257-276.
  • Dehart, Paul J. Aquinas and Radical Orthodoxy. New York: Routledge, 2012.
  • —. “On Being Heard but not Seen: Milbank and Lash on Aquinas, Analogy and Agnosticism.” Modern Theology 26/2 (2010): 243-277.
  • Dummett, Michael. “A Remarkable Consensus.” New Blackfriars 68/809 (1987): 424-431.
  • —. “Unsafe Premises: A Reply to Nicholas Lash.” New Blackfriars 68/811 (1987): 552-557.
  • —. “Theology and Reason.” New Blackfriars 69/816 (1988): 237-245.
  • Fitzpatrick, Joseph. “Lonergan’s Method and the Dummett-Lash Dispute.” New Blackfriars 69/814 (1988): 126-138.
  • Hardy, Daniel W. “Theology through Philosophy.” In The Modern Theologians, 2nd Ed., edited by David F. Ford, 252-285. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 1997.
  • Hart, David Bentley. The Beauty of the Infinite: The Aesthetics of Christian Truth. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2003. 373-394.
  • Heide, Gale. “The Nascent Noeticism of Narrative Theology: An Examination of the Relationship between Narrative and Metaphysics in Nicholas Lash.” Modern Theology 12/4 (1996): 459-481.
  • Kenneson, Philip D. “Nicholas Lash on Doctrinal Development and Ecclesial Authority.” Modern Theology 5/3 (1989): 271-300.
  • Lamadrid, Lucas. “Is There a System in the Theology of Nicholas Lash?” Heythrop Journal 33/4 (1992): 399 – 414.
  • Murray, Paul D. “Roman Catholic Theology after Vatican II.” In The Modern Theologians, 3rd Ed., edited by David F. Ford and Rachel Muers, 265- 286. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 2005.
  • —. “Theology ‘Under the Lash’: Theology as Idolatry Critique in the Work of Nicholas Lash.” New Blackfriars 88/1013 (Jan 2007): 4-24.
  • Radcliffe, Timothy. “Interrogating the Consensus: A Response to Michael Dummett.” New Blackfriars 69/814, (1988): 116-125.
  • —. “The Dummett-Lash Debate: Positively the Last Appearance.” New Blackfriars 70/826 (1989): 200-201.
  • Rhys, Gethin. “Ideology — The New Blackfriars Debate 1973-1984: A Case Study in Christian Left Thought.” New Blackfriars 68/803 (1987): 142-153.
  • Williams, Rowan. “Divine Presence and Divine Action: Reflections in the Wake of Nicholas Lash.” Archbishop of Canterbury.org. June 30, 2011.

B. Select Book Reviews about Lash

I’ll get around to posting some of these in due time.


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